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Fuel for the Soul, LLC opened it's doors as a prepared foods company over 7-1/2 years ago in August 2010, as the vision of a local Boise based husband-wife foodie team. Then alittle over 7 years ago, we added what has become the wildly popular & successful cooking class component to our business model. We now have over 2,500 clients on the cooking class mailing list and while a few folks drop off here & there, the numbers continue to grow organically. The business partnership features Tiziana "Titti" Lancedelli as master chef, cooking class guru & recipe maestro, while Joel Marx is the business maven, scribe, chief dishwasher, food peddler & overall slave- at-large. As you can tell, we wear a lotta hats around here!

Our premium gourmet prepared food company is the natural extension of our love for eating all things good, the belief that variety is indeed the spice of life & the joy we get from sharing the bounty with others. We seek to promote a lifestyle of eating more wholesome, locally prepared foods sans processing. Truly handmade, artisan fare produced on a small scale. And with a commitment to also provide an expanded offering of Gluten Free products.

Originally our limited line of artisan creations were only available at the Boise Co-Op in the North End. Over time as sales increased, we not only expanded our product line, but grew the number of retail markets & coffee shops carrying our product line in Boise & beyond. Being a small family firm & able to quickly adapt to change, our business model morphed quite a bit as the number of cooking classes increased each month year over year. As classes grew in scope & numbers, we had to balance that growth with a shrinkage of our artisan line of prepared foods. Given the "thru the roof" popularity of our cooking classes and the fact we realized it was this line of work that brought us the most joy, in the Fall of 2017 we decided to severely scale back not only on the items we produce, but also the stores we serve.

We eliminated all of our savory food products and limited our production to just a couple of regular & Gluten Free dessert items. While many relationships with retail markets were ended, we remained fully commited to the true bastion of support for local producers. We continue to honor our relationship with the Boise Co-Op by making them the exclusive retail outlet for our line of regular & gluten free Artisan dessert products in the Boise area.

In order to avoid being a one trick pony, at least for the time being, our Gluten Free Pie Crusts continue to be available in the Wood River Valley. We have a wonderful relationship with Atkinsons' Markets in Ketchum and are happy to be there as long as they'll have us &/or until we cease production of our retail food products. So the good news is that at least for the near term, there still are a couple of retail outlets where you can purchase a limited offering of our products. We remain steadfast in our desire to help you & your family eat more wholesome foods at home - whether thru education in our cooking classes or the sales of our Artisan foods.

Through our main focus on the monthly cooking classes, we seek to equip you with the knowledge on how to eat fresher& healthier at home using seasonal ingredients. Whether you’re a total spaz in the kitchen or a true gourmand chef, our series of adult oriented classes can definitely broaden your culinary chops. Hop on board as we tour a vast world of edible delights.

Let Fuel for the Soul be your guide to the nirvana attained from gastronomic ecstasy. Now
is the time to take your tastebuds on a trip of goodness. Come join your friends in our local community on the journey to fuel your soul while nurturing the mind.

Fuel for the Soul's HQ is Located in Boise's North End at:
1941 N. 18th Street (Southwest Corner of 18th & Dewey Streets)
Boise, Idaho 83702

(208) 342-7118 Office
(208) 781-0852 Joel's Cell

(208) 781-1227 Tiziana's Cell